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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

1 I love the delivery man.

I love the delivery man. Woman. Whatever. Just deliver me a present and I love you. So today, I was overly cheery to the man that drove up in this:

And delivered this:

A new project! Never mind I am in the middle of another project (in background below behind my little helper in her underwear). Shhhh don't tell Chris. I'm sure he thinks I am slaving away doing the laundry or the floors or grocery shopping or something. Then again, he's been married to me for almost 19 years so never mind. He knows there's a good chance I'm not doing that.

Did you know that I live in Sanantonial? I mean I know Ohio is all the way up top of the country. But come on, who hasn't heard of San Antonio, Texas. Remember the Alamo? Geez.

When we bought the house, the stairs had the same hideous tile as the rest of the downstairs on the risers of the staircase. So we had our contractor remove it and install white wood risers. The idea was that we would restain the oak staircases dark to match the wood floors at the top and bottom of the stairs. 

Something that looks a little like this:

But when the painter started to sand down the staircases, we found out that they were not really oak stairs. They simply had an oak veneer and the sander went right through it. 

Stinkin' veneer:

So we stopped for awhile until we decided what to do. We got a quote from the flooring guys to run the wood floors up the stairs but they wanted $3400, yikes! So we pulled some of the stairs apart and took some measurements, and this is how the stairs look today:

They drive me crazy and are covered in paint from the initial remodel. So we decided to order unfinished stairs from an Ohio company, and we are going to do it ourselves. Chris does not share my enthusiasm for home projects but has agreed to help with this big one. First I have to stain and seal the wood so I'll share that with you when I get there. Now back to the other project I started in the garage....oh and some laundry too. And maybe the floors. :-)

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  1. You are the best... and the funniest. Love it all. Btw.. the laundry is never ending. Do the project. Sorry Chris.