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Thursday, February 7, 2013

4 Crippy Crap

There is bad junk and good junk. In my opinion, bad junk is the stuff you have lying around your house or garage that you don't use and need to get rid of. Good junk is the stuff that other people had lying around their house or garage and got rid of and you happen to stumble upon it. Good junk becomes great when it is sold at what I call a "Crippy Crap" store. People will ask me, "where did you get that..." (and they are thinking, "piece of junk" but they are nice enough to not say it) and I will always answer "oh, at a Crippy Crap store" like they know exactly what I'm talking about.

I've picked up various treasures at a place here in San Antonio called YeYa's. I've picked up a few one-of-a-kind items like this oversized "W" I'm waiting to hang and this former porch support railing, one of a pair I now have on my family room wall:


I happened to be near downtown today so I stopped by. As you can see, YeYa's is a true junk lovers' paradise.

You never know what you may find. Like rusted cowboy garden statuary. Or old go-cart frames. Or an airstream bus.

Or a rocking horse just like the one I had when I was a kid minus the springs and frame. There is comfort in knowing that although you may never need a tilt-a-whirl car, you know where to buy it if you do.

There are letters upon letters upon letters, and sometimes they even randomly spell out a friend's name. Also metal contraptions, gauges, and all things industrial. 

Like these rings for example. I have a soft spot for industrial-type objects, and I love metal. So when see rings like these I think, "how can I use these?" and "do I really need another mirror?". *heavy sigh* I wish I had unlimited wall space. They're so shiny. I like shiny.

I ended up leaving with this air vent that goes on top of industrial buildings. It actually spins when you set it upright and the wind blows. And it's in pretty good shape and a great gray color. Industrial, check. Metal, check. Not shiny, but a good gray, check. Does a trick by spinning?! Bonus check!!

I'm mulling over what to do with it. Remove the outer frame and make a clock? Mount it on a pole in the backyard as kind of a modern take on a whirly gig or windmill? I love how junk gets my brain spinning a mile a minute. Hopefully this beauty won't go down the path of some of the other treasures I've brought home-- *gasp*--let it sit around in the garage so long that Chris gets sick of it and good junk becomes bad again.....and off to the Salvation Army to inspire someone else into making it their good junk. Ahhhh the circle of junk life, I'm so happy to play my part in it.


  1. Jen, You have to come by and see all the New Junk and Random Metal in the Yard these days! Remind me, I have a YEYAS Shirt for you! Thanks Again and hope to see you soon!
    Mario YEYAS

    1. Thanks Mario! I ended up buying the turbine parts, see this link to see what I did with it: I will definitely stop by soon! And I would love a T Shirt!!

  2. Looks like a great store. But may I ask where you learned to say "crippy crap". My boyfriend who grew up in Portland Oregon always says crippy crap (same meaning as yours) . I had never heard the expression before I met him, I always have to chuckle when he says it, seems funny coming from a 6'5" guy!