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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

1 Chandelier in a Basket

I love blue. Light blue, dark blue, blue blue blue. I love turquoise blue. I'm a sucker for blue painted stuff. So, when I went to the Round Top, Texas, market days last fall (can I just say--eeeeeek!) I found this:

Oh wait. I guess that is a blue purse. Can I just say I saw many ladies wearing this uniform? Too-tight see-thru lace top with lace booty shorts and cowboy hat/boots. I actually started wondering if there was some underground dress code I was unaware of. But, I digress. What I really found is this 'lil beauty:

And I had, had, had to have it. I also saw one particular vendor in the Junk fields who was selling chandeliers inside new vintage-style laundry baskets like this one:
She would turn it upside down and use the legs as part of the hanging mechanism of the lamp (they collapse, she'd remove the wheels). Super cute. But super expensive. Her chandeliers in a basket, though beautiful, were going for $500 plus.

I found this more contemporary version of the basket that I liked even better at CB2. 

So I placed my blue chandelier ($120) in the CB2 basket ($40 incl tax and shipping) and voila:
 And held the basket while my husband hung it on the ceiling.

It is in my study and I couldn't be happier. I actually really like the shadows it creates on the ceiling. I love the effect, kind of a contemporary spin (shape of basket and color of chandelier) on a vintage light fixture.

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  1. 3 things:
    1) i love the combo! Nice job Jen! I actually have had this laundry basket for years, and while I love it, the jagged edges has shredded it's fair share of delicate items.
    2)And why wasn't I invited to Round Top? I've been wanting to go for years! Was it spency?
    3)I love your rug!
    So glad you started this I don't have to look through your windows at night!