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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

11 DIY Master Makeover Reveal

I finally put the finishing touches on my Master Bedroom, because frankly I need somewhere in my house that feels finished.

As I type this post, this is what my kitchen looks like:

So I wanted a place in the house that is clean, finished, and not under a centimeter of dust.  So I finished my master bedroom. Yay!

When we bought the house, this was the room. It had a nice rust paint job and pet-stained carpet.

This room as been a bit of a projectpalooza in the last few months, including a hand-built bed, painted duvet cover, and dresser-turned-TV stand, and it's all finally come together!

My last project was these fabulous mid-century nightstands. 

I found them at a used furniture store and bought them, and forgot about them in my garage.

I was thinking I needed new nightstands and was searching Craigslist when I heard Mandi from Vintage Revivals yell in my ear, "Rock what ya got Jen!" OK, maybe she didn't yell in my ear actually but maybe I just had read her blog and it was stuck in my head. Or maybe she yelled in my ear, who knows. You saw my kitchen, right? Hallucinations are part of the package when remodeling. There's a little crazy in that dust.

So I remembered the nightstands in my garage, and dug them out under the insulation, behind the bikes, and on top of another forgotten piece of furniture. Does anyone else's garage look like this? Yikes!

A little sanding, staining and some paint to the drawer fronts, and they're perfect!

My husband's side of the bed has a few of his favorite things..including a vintage map of Burgos, Spain (where he lived for six months) and a Vinyl Joshua Tree album. Best album ever!

My side of the bed includes some of my favorite things, like a signed copy of an Angels & Airwaves CD (favorite band), a box for my many home decor magazines, my scrapbook paper wall art and a poster I made... remind me to chill the heck out sometimes. Love that saying!

A couple more shots. . .

I just want to sit in my room and never leave it, but I guess I gotta keep going on that kitchen. You can only cook so much out of a dust-covered microwave! And Mandi, if you read totally yelled in my ear, right?  Oh well, I'll have to check to see if the domain name is available.

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