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Monday, March 4, 2013

1 An Ocean of Inspiration

We just returned from Western Caribbean Cruise where we took the whole family. It was a super fun albeit eye-opening experience. You know when you go to the DMV and you realize there is a whole group of people you never seem to see in your day-to-day life? That's how I felt about the cruise, same story, different segment of society. A segment of society I will call "Cruise People". And if I sound like a snot, remember it's all about perspective...many of those people thought we were weird. We got comments as we chased around one of our kids like "Wow, you have a lot of kids." And, "That's a whole mess of kids you got there."   And my favorite, "I can't believe you brought that little girl, aren't you afraid she's going to go overboard?" Because it really wasn't so far-fetched an idea if you saw they way she would run away from us as fast as she could. So you can imagine the entertainment we provided for the Cruise People. But ha ha, they didn't know what entertainment they provided for us too! So, we're even.

But as much fun as watching Cruise People was, it was much more fun enjoying the ocean. And once again being reintroduced to my favorite color scheme. The scheme that has inspired much of my decor. I may have mentioned once or twice my blue/green love. This is why:

This was taken at Grand Cayman, and had the most beautiful water I've ever seen. Don't these colors just make you happy? Ahhh, so beautiful. I was able to capture a few of these pictures while on a boat trip to go snorkeling. And I was only able to take those pictures because all 8 adults on the top of the boat worked to  keep this naughty thing from falling off of it it:

I learned that it takes a village to keep a child from falling off a boat, big or small. Even when that village is made up of super nice Cruise People.

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  1. You mean you didn't hear my favorite one: "You should really enjoy this time, they grow up so fast."