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Friday, March 15, 2013

4 Aircraft Turbine Parts to Mirror/Mantel Art

If you remember my post about my favorite place to go junking, YeYa's, I mentioned how much I love metal industrial pieces and asked myself, "Do I really need another mirror?" when I saw this baby:

 Well, I went back to YeYa's and saw this piece of industrial magic:

They are both turbine pieces, part of the engine on an airplane.  The owner said he would "throw the bigger one in" if I bought the smaller piece. How can I say no to a "throw in"? I decided I wanted to repurpose them for above my fireplace mantle. 

So I had piece of mirror cut and gently placed it in the piece. Apparently not gently enough because I broke it. 
I went back to the glass company and told them what I did. I asked her if they gave a "stupid discount" for people that break stuff. She said, "Yeah, I'm giving it to you." Apparently their customers break stuff all the time. I placed the new mirror even more gently in the turbine piece and added a bead of clear silicone to the back.

I positioned them both on my fireplace mantle, and love how they look.

So when you see a piece of junk, never say never. It just might be the mirror you know you didn't need but you decided you had to have. Especially when you get a bonus "throw in".



  1. Love the off set look. And is that paneling I see in the background?? Can't wait to see the finished project.

  2. Very creative! I love the contrast of the metal with the decor on your mantle. They're worlds apart but it all fits together very nicely.

  3. This is great and how unique idea! True showstopper!

  4. I really like it! I never considered getting glass cut. Great idea. Is it expensive to do that? Where did you get it cut?