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Friday, March 22, 2013

0 Z Gallerie Wanna-be Montecito Bench

This is my knock-off Z Gallerie Montecito Bench that I made for an ottoman/coffee table for my in-the-works living room.

This is the back of the car whose driver gave me a strange look as I stood on my front lawn taking a picture of a bench.

That's OK. It's not the weirdest thing I've done--today. :-) In the pic below is Z Gallerie's Montecito Bench. I've been looking for a bench like this (upholstered on top, woody airy on the bottom) for my living room to use as a coffee table/ottoman. The room is not very big and a normal sized coffee table would take up too much floor space. I found this one at Z Gallerie and loved the style of it, but didn't love a few things about it: the price ($459 plus tax/shipping), the length (64") and the white upholstery.

So I decided to tackle my own version of it that is cheaper (around $150), shorter (48") and NOT WHITE. I don't know who lives in homes that buy white benches but they don't live in mine. That bench would stay white for all of 2 hours. Then it would develop a child induced patina of dirty hands and feet and would never look good.

The beauty is, when you DIY, not only do you do it for less money, but you make it CUSTOM so you can change whatever you want. So I got cute enduring fabric that I wanted:
And stained the legs to match my wood floors, but kept the silver nailhead detail that I loved on the original:

It looks great in my living room.

Now I have to go do some normal activities out in front of my house, like mow the lawn or play with my kids, so the neighbors don't think I'm crazy weird. Just a little weird.


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