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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

1 Another Poster Post

A while back, I posted here about some family posters I've made for a poster wall in my kitchen. This wall:

I like making posters. I really like making posters with family pictures, so when I take a picture that's just screaming for a caption, I add one. Here are a couple new ones:

Not quite sure how my 13-almost-14-year-old son is going to like this picture immortalized in a poster on the wall since he's in a toddler girl's jeep, but I love it. And let's be honest, what teenage boy likes any picture of himself on the wall? I'm willing to live with the "geez, mom" comments for awhile.

I think if I had some life motto's, this would be one of them. Because sun, sand and sea always makes me happy. And by the look on my 7-year old's face, he agrees. Speaking of life motto's, sometimes I like to make posters of favorite sayings too. Like one for my 11-year old son's room. He got this saying from a cartoon and is always repeating it. And since I think it's funny, I made a poster of it for his wall:

And as far as life motto's go, one of my favorite is this one, which speaks for itself:

This poster is now proudly displayed inside and to the right of my front door. So hopefully when my kids leave the house, they will read it and take it to heart. Because no one likes lazy mean people.


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  1. Great ideas for posters! I especially like the lemons one, LOL.

    I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check out my latest blog post for more info.
    I look forward to learning more about you with your responses!